affirm payment plans

The time until Something Wonderful is dwindling, and if you’ve waited to purchase your festival pass, our Affirm payment plans may be the perfect option! The stress-free process makes it easier for you to save for the entire weekend. Don’t worry about whether to go with general admission or VIP tickets, it’s all within reach when you signup with Affirm. Put passes on a payment plan!

To start an Affirm payment plan, buy Something Wonderful tickets on Eventbrite as usual. Then, select to make monthly payments with Affirm from the dropdown menu. After entering some personal information about yourself, a quick approval process that issues an “Approved” or “Denied” verdict will be issued depending on a ‘soft’ credit check. Affirm offers instant financing that can be paid over three or six months, with an average APR ranging between 10% and 30%. See if you qualify for Affirm to lock in your pass right now!

How to Affirm Your Festival Pass

how to use an affirm payment plan

  1. Visit the Eventbrite ticket page.
  2. Select your ticket as you normally would and proceed to checkout.
  3. During checkout, select Affirm from the dropdown menu under “Payment Method.”
  4. Fill out the information for your Affirm application.
  5. Upon Affirm approval, your festival pass will be sent via email.

Don’t worry about the money up front, party now and pay later!